What about carry out a random act of kindness without expecting anything back in return? It would not change the world in 24 hours  but it will make a big difference in someone’s life.


You took me to my dream

I wish you can tell my happiness when you took me to the beach. We walked hand in hand in the streets and i felt secured. I always and forever will love the beach. It calms me and give me so much happiness I cannot explain. Simply submerging my tiny feet in the waters give me that feeling of belongingness and peace. Thank you it means a lot to me. Though we didnt see the sunset but it was okai, i had you that night.

The night was young…

That was an amazing live acoustic . I love music so much it runs through my blood and i cannot forget that night. You held me each time and kissed me. I bet we were drunk hahaha. But its a beautiful feeling being with someone who unexpectedly took you to those places you  thought you will never come in reality. 


I promised to cook for you today. Though tired from night shift  I am so happy and excited. You told me to cook my food with love and I did. Maybe? 

I didnt really slept. I cannot sleep i cannot missed  this moment.

I  always loved how you talk nonstop. I find it cute. Then along the way you suddenly kissed me without warning. It felt so good. The best kiss perhaps. I was never kissed by a man like that, it touched every inch of my soul. I can feel your every heartbeat beating so fast like running a marathon with mine. I don’t want to end it but realizing we cant go that far yet. I smiled.

Your sweetest stranger

Hey there Stranger,

We met in unexpected time and circumstances. It was one of the darkest days of my life ever I swear and you came bringing me the light I needed. The words of wisdom you have imparted me was an inspiration, it touched my soul when no one ever can .

I remembered the first time we met. I was waiting patiently with cold and trembling hands my heart wants to get out of its chambers. I was so nervous that i had to finish a glass of beer before you even came. Maybe i was just excited to finally meet you. Excited that when you finaly called my name we hugged soo tight and you kissed me in my cheeks. I blushed of course but it was not obvious.

As you shared with a stranger like me your life and your being, without hesitation I was in awe. It felt like i have known you before we have even met. I was comfortable and at ease and finally my anxiety settled. Though i was always the quiet one but maybe because I am always like this, i need to keep that side of me until i fully get to know the person.

We parted ways that night with a smile on my face and not wanting to end that moment. Your hug was so warm.

P. S THank you for the food you cooked. It was yum and truly appreciate you.

Your sweetest stranger,

Code Nurse


I don’t know why I help people

Oftentimes strangers I met along the way

A family member, a friend or a colleague

I guess , despite of evil within us

It is our human nature to help those who need us.

Is it just me? Who knows…


In the saddest moment of your life
You ask your purpose
At times you will never get an answer
But close your eyes, look for the sign, the light and feel it.
In any circumstances unknown to you
It will just happen
Right before your eyes.